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XGIMI MOGO 2 Pro launch campaign

We’ve created a launch campaign with a hero product video, product visuals and social contents to announce different features for XGIMI MOGO 2 PRO.


Land the core features with different creative usage scenarios

  • Design

    Creative campaign, Art Direction

  • Client


01 // Project overview

Launching the best and latest portable projector

Create a short film (45-60s) to launch the product, landing the key features such as Full HD cinematic experience, portable and AI environment detection.

Showcasing the product that would relate to the target audience such as affluent new family as well as young professionals that are renting their living space.

02 // Creative strategy

Show the potentials

Emphasise the real-life applications of the projector for a superior HD video and audio experience. Aim to attract individuals who place a high value on quality and affordability.

Create an enjoyable and immersive experience by showcasing the projector’s unique features and user interaction. Start with a demonstration for a young family and conclude with a demonstration for a working individual, to clearly define the target audience

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